I Said YES to My Instagram Followers and Regret it

I Said YES to My Instagram Followers and Regret it

IG followers Control My Life for 24 hours (EMBARRASSING)

After Chad Wild Clay made “SPYING On My FRIENDS (CAUGHT “CAMPING”) for 24 Hours”, Vy Qwaint created “Try NOT to LAUGH at Funny TikToks – You Laugh You Lose Challenge”, Daniel Gizmo uploaded “TURNING My HOUSE into a FAST FOOD Restaurant – McDonald’s vs Taco Bell at Home DIY”, Chad and Vy are doing everything that their fans and subscribers from Instagram dared them to do for the next 24 hours! Commenters left challenges for them to complete on their instagram posts and now they a re racing Daniel and Regina to see who can complete the most amount of dares before their time runs out! Chad is dared to rap his order at the taco bell drive through while Vy was challenged to go into Taco Bell dressed as a Taco! Daniel has to be embarrassing at his favorite restaurant, Subway and Regina has to make a Tik Tok and post it! Afterwards, Chad pranks a complete stranger at the gas station by asking for help finding where to put the gas in his Tesla, and Vy does a Kpop dance! Regina and Daniel do a boyfriend girlfriend clothes swap too! Who do you think will complete their list of challenges first, comment below! Thanks for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog video in 2022!

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I Said YES to My Instagram Followers and Regret it

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