INSTAGRAM LEAKS!!🤫😱 | New Updates, Algorithm Changes & New Features Announced in 2022 (so far…)

INSTAGRAM LEAKS!!🤫😱 | New Updates, Algorithm Changes & New Features Announced in 2022 (so far...)

I made a list of the top 10 Instagram updates, announcements, algorithm changes, and new features you need to know about so far in 2022. Plus, I’m spilling the tea and TWO LEAKED FEATURES that haven’t been announced yet🤫Thank you Metricool for sponsoring this video:

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0:00-0:38 Intro
0:38-1:44 Update #1 More control of your IG feed with the chronological feature
1:44-1:53 How to add people to your “favorites” list
1:53-3:00 Update #2 Creating more original content to rank higher on Instagram
3:00-4:29 Update #3 Ability to post Reels on Facebook
4:29-6:23 Our Sponsor – Metricool
6:23-7:10 Update #4 Full-screen view for photo and video posts
7:10-7:56 Update #5 In-feed product tagging will be available for everyone
7:56-8:19 How to apply for the Instagram Creators affiliate program
8:19-9:13 Update #6 90-second Reels
9:13-10:27 Update #7 Using the Subscriptions feature to start monetizing on Instagram
10:27-11:25 Update #8 Testing collapsable stories
11:25-12:17 Update #9 Testing NFT’s on Instagram
12:17-13:10 Update #10 Enhanced people tags to credit creators appropriately
13:10-15:23 2 Bonus Instagram Leaked Features!


📝 Feed control & chronological feed

📝 Ranking for originality:

📝 Reels on FaceBook:

📝 Fully immersive experience

📝 Tagging:
Product tagging:
Affiliate tagging:
Enhanced Tagging:

📝 90-second Reels:

📝 Subscriptions:

📝 Collapsible stories:

📝 NFTs:

LEAK #1: Repost option on Instagram:

LEAK #2: Re-design for Reels:

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INSTAGRAM LEAKS!!🤫😱 | New Updates, Algorithm Changes & New Features Announced in 2022 (so far…)

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