My Instagram Strategy for 2022 EXPOSED! 📈 How to grow on Instagram in 2022

My Instagram Strategy for 2022 EXPOSED! 📈 How to grow on Instagram in 2022

Instagram strategy for 2022, let’s get it! In this video, I’m talking you through my exact strategy for Instagram in the new year, as well as sharing the major changes we’ve seen to Instagram and the Instagram algorithm in 2021 – and how that should affect your posting strategy moving forward.

📕 Table of Contents 📕
00:00 – 00:42 My Instagram Strategy for 2022 EXPOSED
00:43 – 01:06 State of the ‘Gram Address (what’s new on Instagram this year)
01:07 – 02:47 the NEW chronological Instagram feed
02:48 – 04:05 the Collabs Feature
04:06 – 04:48 Live Rooms
04:49 – 05:36 IGTV is gone, girl!
05:37 – 07:17 Reels is the main focus of “Meta” these days
07:18 -11:20 Why you need to use all of Instagram’s features
11:21 – 13:53 Posting consistently *really* is important
13:54 – 16:38 My Instagram content strategy for 2022 📆
16:38 – 16:56 my EXACT posting pattern for growth (aka screenshot this)
16:57 – 17:18 consistency is important, within reason
17:19 – 22:22 avoiding burnout is *actually* the most important

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My Instagram Strategy for 2022 EXPOSED! 📈 How to grow on Instagram in 2022

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